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The Tragedy of 228:
Historical Truth and Transitional Justice in Taiwan

Publisher:Memorial Foundation of 228
Editor in-Chief:Hsueh Hua-Yuan, Chen Yi-Shen
Editor:Yang Chen-Long
Authors: Chen Yi-Shen, Shiu Wen-Tang, Su Yao-Tsung, Ho I-Lin, Ou Su-Ying, Lin Cheng-Hui, Hsueh Hua-Yuan, Wu Chun-Ying
Translator:Shih Fang-Long, Jamie Brown
Reviewer: Bo Tedards
Publication Date:2022-08

The book, entitled The Tragedy of 228: Historical Truth and Transitional Justice in Taiwan, published by Memorial Foundation of 228, is following A Tragic Beginning: The Taiwan Uprising of February 28, 1947, which was the first academic book on the 228 Incident written in English published over 30 years ago. The book mainly explores eight different aspects of the 228 Incident, as shown in its eight chapter titles content: “What Caused the Incident: A Comparison of Government and Citizen Accounts from 1947, ” “International Perspectives on the Legal Status of Taiwan during and after the Incident, ” “Military Deployment and Suppression during the Incident, ” “Taiwan's News Media under the Impact of the Incident, ” “The Roles of Local Government Heads during the Incident, ” “The Roles of Intelligence Agencies during the Incident, ” “Historical Explorations of the Campaign to Redress Injustices of the Incident (1987-1997), ” and “Presidential Attitudes towards the Movement for Transitional Justice (1988-2019).”

Through the publication of the book, the Memorial Foundation of 228 attempts to set a new milestone in the study of 228 Incident by pursuing the transitional justice in international academic communities, as well as introducing and promoting Modern Taiwanese History to the world by featuring its unique social culture, geographical surroundings, and political transformations.

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Les témoignages du silence

Publishing House:The Memorial Foundation of 228
Sponsor:Ministry of Culture
Author:Agnès Redon
Photographer:Nicolas Datiche
Publication Date:2017-11

This book is a journalistic research work on contemporary speech in Taiwan on the subject of the 28 February 1947 massacre and not a history book.

Contact: (02)2332-6228#207, Miss Li


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