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Victimized Teachers and Students from Tamkang High School: Lô͘ Oân

Born in Sanzhi, Lô͘ Oân was the second son in his family and the one who had received the highest education. After graduating from Tamsui Middle School, he went to study in Japan and was once conscripted by the Japanese government. After the Second World War, he returned to Taiwan and, under the invitation of Tân Lêng-thong, taught chemistry at his alma mater, Tamsui Middle School.

Following the 228 Incident, on the early morning of March 11, Lô͘ Oân was still asleep at that time but woke up immediately upon hearing that Principal Tân Lêng-thong had been captured by the Nationalist government’s soldiers. He rushed out with his clothes on, face unwashed, and shortly after his departure, two Nationalist government soldiers stopped him and conducted a body search. Unable to comprehend Mandarin, Lô͘ Oân was shot by the soldiers, and his right shoulder was injured.

After being shot, Lô͘ Oân was conscious but fell to the ground, injuring his spine and paralyzing his lower body. At that moment, he could only try to stop bleeding and alleviate the pain. Due to the martial law restrictions, he couldn't go through Yuanshan to reach Mackay Memorial Hospital in Shuanglian. Instead, he was treated by Dr. Chen in Beitou first. When the situation had slightly stabilized a few days later, Lô͘ Oân was finally transferred to Mackay Memorial Hospital. Unfortunately, since his condition had severely deteriorated, and the optimal timing for treatment had passed, he died on March 18. On the day of his funeral, amid the frightening atmosphere in society, no colleagues from the school came to pay their respects, nor did the school authorities make any statement.

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