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Victimized Teachers and Students from Tamkang High School: Difficulties faced by N̂g A-thóng’s family

After N̂g A-thóng went missing, his wife could never accept the possibility of her husband’s death. She tried everything to search for her husband’s whereabouts. Whenever she heard of someone resembling N̂g A-thóng, she employed all possible means at all costs, even offering money, just to confirm if it was indeed N̂g A-thóng. As a result, she was once deceived by malicious people. Despite being a Christan, she was willing to disobey her religion, searching for her husband through Taiwanese traditional methods like soul-guiding and asking a Tâng-ki (spirit medium) or spirit. Before her passing in 1989, she still instructed her children to continue searching for N̂g A-thóng's whereabouts.

During the White Terror era, even close friends and family members would hesitate to extend a helping hand out of fear for their own safety amid the horrifying social atmosphere. Nevertheless, the N̂g family managed to persevere in an isolated and unsupported environment. However, N̂g A-thóng’s brother still had to give up on his education temporarily due to the family’s circumstances, and the disappearance of his older brother also had an impact on his mental well-being.

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