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Victimized Teachers and Students from Tamkang High School: N̂g A-thóng

Born in Qionglin, Hsinchu, N̂g A-thóng was the oldest son in his impoverished family. After graduating from the Taipei Second Normal School, he was assigned to teach in Qionglin and later transferred to Zhudong and Erchongpu before relocating to teach in Tamsui Middle School. N̂g A-thóng was genuine, outgoing, straightforward, and energetic. During the Japanese colonial period, he circled the entire island on a bicycle. Additionally, he took on the responsibility of caring for his many brothers and sisters.

After the Second World War, N̂g A-thóng went to Keelung to welcome the Nationalist government with high expectations. However, he returned home with disappointment and

sighed, "How can these soldiers be so ill-mannered?" Following the 228 Incident, a student

was killed by soldiers on the street, and N̂g A-thóng moved the body to be placed in the school gymnasium. At around 7:30 the next morning, he attempted to return to school but was taken away by the Nationalist soldiers shortly after leaving his home.

After being captured, N̂g A-thóng was tied to a tree at the Shalun Beach along with other

detainees, including Tân Lêng-thong and Tân Ōng, for an entire night. Later, according to the

report, they were transported in a truck towards Keelung and never returned.

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