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Victimized Teachers and Students from Tamkang High School: Koeh Hiáu-cheng

Born in Tainan, Koeh Hiáu-cheng was studying at Tamsui Middle School when the 228 Incident occurred. After the Incident happened, Principal Tân Lêng-thong realized that the situation was deteriorating and suspended classes in early March, allowing students from central and southern Taiwan to return to their hometowns. However, some students did not leave, and Koeh Hiáu-cheng was one of them.

On March 10, Koeh Hiáu-cheng, a boarding student at Tamsui Middle School, was in front of a barbershop located across from the Tamsui Town Port Bureau when he was fatally shot by soldiers who suddenly rushed onto the streets. His body was brought back to the school and placed in the storage room of the gym. Principal Tân Lêng-thong and N̂g A-thóng, the school’s director of educational affairs, built a modest coffin and tried to arrange his funeral affairs.

Koeh Hiáu-tsiu, Koeh Hiáu-cheng’s brother, went to Principal Tân Lêng-thong’s place to discuss their next steps after his brother was fatally shot by the Nationalist soldiers. However, on the morning of March 11, they were both forcibly taken away in a truck from Principal Tân’s residence. Initially, Koeh Hiáu-tsiu and other people were tied to a tree on Shalun Beach. Three days later, they were once again transported in a car. On the way, Koeh Hiáu-tsiu was forcibly removed from the vehicle by soldiers, and Tân Lêng-thong’s whereabouts remained unknown. According to Koeh Hiáu-tsiu, he underwent beatings and torture while in custody.

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