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On April 7, 1995, the Presidential Decree promulgated the " The February 28 Incident Disposition and Compensation Act." The purpose of these regulations is to address the compensation issues related to the 228 Incident, to enable the public to understand the truth of the event, to heal historical wounds, and to promote ethnic harmony. On October 12 of the same year, the Executive Yuan established the " Memorial Foundation of 228 ," which was converted into a permanent institution on June 20, 2006.

In July 2006, the Executive Yuan instructed the establishment of the " National 228 Memorial Museum," which was officially inaugurated on February 28 of the following year, and entrusted the February 28 Foundation with its management. The establishment of National 228 Memorial Museum marks a new milestone in the redress movement of the 228 Incident, achieved through numerous challenges. The redress process of the 228 Incident not only traversed difficult paths but also served as an important enlightenment and practical experience for the Taiwanese people in gradually breaking free from colonial rule, resisting oppressive authoritarianism, and pursuing democracy and human rights. 

It is hoped that National 228 Memorial Museum, as a platform for human rights exchange, will actively promote universal values such as freedom, democracy, human rights, and peace through various activities, including exhibitions, seminars, concerts, film festivals, symposiums, publications, and international human rights exchanges.

Foundation Operations

Memorial and consolation activities

Central memorial ceremony, religious memorial activities, visiting activities, comfort and social activities.....

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In order to encourage the direct blood relatives of the victims of the February 28 Incident to study hard, the "February 28 Poor Scholarship Application Procedure" was implemented......

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Compensation Application

Legal basis, statistics of compensation application cases, application instructions and application form downloads......

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Education Promotion: Teaching Manual

Provide teachers with teaching directions related to the February 28 Movement, including: teaching manual content, study sheets, lesson plans......

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Living care

Application instructions and forms for the 3rd Festival Consolation Fund, Senior Respect Fund, Funeral Subsidy, etc....

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Educational Grants

Subsidy for the publication of teaching materials and research on the 228 Incident, application instructions and form downloads, academic publications

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