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Redressing the Injustices of the 228 Incident: The Gradually-developing Process of Redressing Injustice in Taiwan’s society

In February 1987, the 228 Peace Day Promotion Association was established by individuals from various sectors in Taiwan and abroad. Chen Yung-hsing served as the President, with Li Sheng-hsiung as the Vice President, and Cheng Nan-jung as the Secretary General. The mission of the organization was to advance the cause of redressing injustice related to the 228 Incident, marking the inception of such a movement within Taiwan's territory.

The 228 Peace Day Promotion Association announced the 228 Peace Day Declaration , which called upon the government to disclose the truth behind the 228 Incident, to restore the reputations of the victims, and to designate February 28 as Peace Day. The organization also held public speeches at various locations in Taiwan. In 1988, the Presbyterian Church and the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) joined the movement, and in January 1989, dozens of overseas and domestic groups, including the 228 Peace Dy Association, the Taiwan Association for Human Rights, and the Presbyterian Church co-initiated the 228 Justice and Peace Movement. In August of the same year, the first 228 Memorial Monument in Taiwan was established in Chiayi City.

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