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Visiting & Public transportation

Public transportation:

       Address: No.54, Nanhai Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan

       BUS STOP:
       No. 1, No. 204, No. 630, get off at "Jianguo Senior High School"
bus stop
       No. 243, No. 248, No. 262, No. 304, No. 706, got off at the "Zhongzheng 2nd police Distric" bus stop
       Other buses on Nanchang Road, please get off at "Nanchang Road" bus stop

       BY MRT:
       To take the MRT to the "Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall" station and leave the MRT station from Exits 1 and 2. After leaving             the station, turn to Nanhai Road and walk to Nanhai Road and Chongqing South Road Section 2 intersection. Then cross the           second section of Chongqing South Road, you can reach us.

Visitor guidelines:

       Open to the public daily from 10:00 to 17:00 except on Monday, and other off day announced by the 228 national Memorial.

       In order to maintain the quality of your visit to this museum, we have placed a restriction on the number of visitors permitted             to enter the permanent and themed exhibitions at any one time. There is a maximum limit of 100 visitors permitted in each               exhibition room.

​       Smoking, eating, and chewing betel nut or chewing gum are forbidden at this museum.

       No pets (excluding guide dogs), dangerous goods or flammable materials are permitted in the museum.

       Please do not bring umbrellas inside (if you have a collapsible umbrella, please put it in your bag)

       Filming and photography for commercial purposes are not permitted at this museum. If you wish to take video or                               photography for personal purposes, please abide by the rules in each exhibition room.

       Flashlights and tripods for filming or photography are not permitted in the exhibition rooms. Photos or videos taken at the

       museum may not be used for commercial purposes without authorization by the museum.

       Please do not run, play or make noise after entering the building.

       Please leave your large personal belongings or backpacks inside a locker or at the service desk.

       Wheelchairs are available at this museum. Please contact the service desk if you need one.

       Anyone who is not dressed appropriately will be refused entry to the museum.

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