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The 228 Incident and Schools: The Involvement of Tamkang High School

Publish Date:
Venue: National 228 Memorial Museum(No.54, Nanhai Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan)
Date: Feb. 24, 2024 – Jul. 28, 2024
Opening Hours: 10:00 to 17:00, from Tuesday to Sunday
Closed Day: Every Monday (if the museum is open on a public holiday, it will close the next day), and the necessary closing date for the museum’s announcement
Organized by the Memorial Foundation of 228, National 228 Memorial Museum
Advised by the Ministry of the Interior, Taiwan

After the Second World War, the Nationalist government established the Office of the Governor-General of Taiwan Province, responsible for taking over Taiwan. In just over a year, various issues such as political corruption, economic recession, deteriorating military discipline, and unrestrained public health crises led to ongoing conflicts and the accumulation of public grievances. On February 27, 1947, an event involving the confiscation of contraband tobacco triggered the 228 Incident, during which protests erupted throughout the island.

During the 228 Incident, schools were deeply affected; students and teachers were involuntarily involved, and the education system also experienced varying degrees of impact. Tamkang High School was one of the schools deeply victimized by the 228 Incident. The principal and teachers were taken away by the military, and their whereabouts are still unknown. A student was shot and killed by soldiers for no apparent reason. Founded more than a century ago, Tamkang High School is an institution with a rich history, having endured various challenges while witnessing Taiwan's democratic development. Centered on Tamkang High School, this exhibition tells its stories.

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